[#NIJISuika2023] にじさんじ SUIKA GAME Tournament [DAY 2] [スイカゲーム] 【NIJISANJI EN | Doppio Dropscythe】

HERE IT COMES! @nijisanji livers from all over the world battle it out in SUIKA GAME to see who is the true BEST! We’ve all been playing this game so much, so this is a day we all trained for!!!

Hosts: @DoppioDropscythe @ShuYamino
TOP 12: Lain Paterson, Vox Akuma, Maria Marionette, Aster Arcadia, Akagi Wen, Murakumo Kagetsu, Vezalius Bandage, Seffyna, Aia Amare, Petra Gurin, Claude Clawmark, Kunai Nakasato
Representing XSOLEIL’s student council, I’m Doppio Dropscythe! Used to be a full time delinquent. Now I’m here to protect the Institute and make you smile!

■ NEW VP IS OUT, BABY!!! GOODS!! (Cooking Voice + Winter Voice!)

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